Six Steps to Making Perfect Inkjet Prints!

Date: August 20, 2022

Making beautiful, gallery/exhibition quality inkjet prints isn’t easy or intuitive. If it was everyone would be doing it and doing it well. This class provides a comprehensive overview of the [...]

On Location: Intermediate Street Photography

Date: August 14, 2022

During this intermediate-level workshop, John will review the basics of Street Photography, and share practical techniques to effectively photograph candid images of strangers on the streets. To expand on his [...]

Island Lake and Old Man Storr Drone

Getting Started with Drone Photography

Date: August 6, 2022

Drone photography is everywhere. The drone cameras are very good and the ability to place your camera where you want it is intoxicating. Are you considering entering the world of [...]

Inspiring Creativity in your Photography

Date: July 23, 2022

Do you love making art, documenting your world, creating unique ways of photographic expression, or contributing to the world of visual communications? Want to try something photographically new, different, or [...]

TWELVE: Objects As Subjects

Dates: December 7, 2022 – January 7, 2023

Image by: Thomas Piette | Cherubs of Clay

Rebecca Gregg: One Life, A Biography for Us

Dates: November 9, 2022 – December 3, 2022

Suddenly and tragically, Susan Vetter died by her hand in May 2021. Rebecca Gregg had never met Susan but came to know her while closing the one-bedroom apartment where she had lived [...]

Jenny Abramson: Journey of Grief

Dates: November 9, 2022 – December 3, 2022

Journey of Grief is a work of profound mourning, created to process the loss of Abramson’s husband to cancer. As the warm conviviality of their marriage and future plans were [...]

Roberta Mangini Glisson: Rooted

Dates: November 9, 2022 – December 3, 2022

In Rooted, Glisson illustrates the origins of female strength by exploring the ways in which women are rooted to the earth's landscapes and their ancestral landscapes.  Glisson looked to powerful [...]

Jeff Armstrong: Cosmos in the Chaos

Dates: October 5, 2022 – November 5, 2022

In this visually arresting portrait exhibit by emerging photographic artist Jeff Armstrong, we see how the tools of Photoshop may be used to bring a vision or a concept of [...]

NOW 30% OFF! Collector’s Edition: Handcrafted Original Photographs & Photo Adventures

Dates: October 5, 2022 – November 5, 2022

This year’s in-gallery and online art sale fundraiser will feature two categories: handcrafted original images and several photography adventures.


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