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Your Support

In order for Viewpoint to continue to serve our community, we must reach out to philanthropic individuals and businesses for support. We feel (and we hope you will agree), that the service we provide is vital to the arts in the region and that our many opportunities for inclusion and education make Viewpoint a defining entity in our cultural landscape.

Sponsorship Types

Annual Sponsorship

Through this sponsorship, you will assist in the funding of all our programs and outreach initiatives at Viewpoint. The support will be used for exhibits, education programs, gallery operations, research, and the development of new programs such as new location exhibits. If you have a preference for one program, you may also make this part of your sponsorship.


Exhibit Sponsorship

The support received for this sponsorship will help Viewpoint select and curate amazing exhibits throughout the year-there are 12 opportunities for support each calendar year.

Viewpoint plans most of its gallery exhibits approximately one year in advance. Our Curatorial Committee considers a wide range of criteria including challenging and interesting subject matter, new artists and techniques, and what will enhance the lives and outlook of our many gallery guests.


Special Projects

Viewpoint may create a special sponsorship category based on a new project or opportunity that meets the mission and goals of the organization. Viewpoint is always open to new ideas and opportunities to collaborate with arts groups, galleries, museums, businesses, and more. To discuss a special project in detail, contact Executive Director Roberta McClellan.

Viewpoint Platinum: $10,000
Golden Focus: $5,000
Silver Image: $2,500
Luminance: $1,000
Spectrum: $500


Viewpoint deeply appreciates all donations at any level.

Thank you for your support and kind consideration.