About Viewpoint

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Portfolio Member Photo Credit (l/r): Diana Coleman | Toni Voelker | Dale Crandell Bear

Who We Are

Like so many nonprofits, Viewpoint evolved through the vision of a small group of people willing to donate their time, art, and financial resources to make something wonderful happen. The two creators of the Viewpoint concept were Jeff Redman and Jim Galvin, who opened Lightwork, a camera store on 57th Street in Sacramento, over thirty-five years ago. Shortly after the store's opening, a small gallery was added, not as an afterthought but an integral part of the plan for the store, a way for the owners to "give back" to photography and the community that supports it.

From Lightroom to Sacramento Valley Photographic Center to Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, now located on J Street in midtown Sacramento, the goal has always been the same: support the region's photographic community, provide engaging programming for the membership and community, and create a place where both established and emerging artists may display their work.

Viewpoint has expanded from the early days and now includes a diverse and compelling range of programming, including two galleries offering new exhibits monthly, diverse workshops offerings, educational outreach working with the local colleges and high schools, lectures, field trips, receptions, and art gatherings, monthly peer-to-peer reviews, membership events, and hosting the region's only photographic event, Photography Month Sacramento.

This is what is at the very heart of Viewpoint and its ongoing success - a willingness to support and give back to the people who move the art forward.


Photography communicates ideas and emotions beyond that which can be said with words. Viewpoint facilitates this vital communication through exhibits, education, and community connection.