Inspiring Creativity in your Photography

Do you love making art, documenting your world, creating unique ways of photographic expression, or contributing to the world of visual communications? Want to try something photographically new, different, or exciting, or investigate your ability to “see” visual messages? Join Inviting Light Photography® owner and award-winning photographer Jim Wilson to inspire creativity in your photography and give your photographic spirit some positive “exercise.”

In this workshop, we will explore our creativity and photographic skills – within a framework of humor, play, and sharing – while considering our own photographic interests, goals, and styles (creative perspectives).  We all have creative skills and unique perspectives that will enhance our images.  Join the group for this participation workshop and give your photographic spirit some positive “exercise.”

The presentations and discussions will explore four main topics:

  1. Creativity and problem-solving tools can be applied to your photographic processes.
  2. Blocks to creativity that may have influenced you in the past or that still do today, and some positive activities that will promote your photographic creativity.
  3. Properties in photographs that “speak to you” and inspire your interest and creativity.
  4. A review of the creative inspiration of famous photographers, showing samples of their iconic images you can learn from and use to re-challenge yourself and your photography.


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