Marketing Yourself in the Modern Photography Era with Kirk Keeler

Date: February 26, 2022

Kirk Keeler's Instagram As photographers, we can be great at producing art.  What can be challenging is knowing how to get the word out about our photographs – especially with [...]

Travel Photography: Planning, Gear, Getting the Shot with Rachael Rosenthal

Date: February 12, 2022

Join photographer Rachel Rosenthal for an in-person workshop on travel photography. In this half-day workshop, you will explore the challenges of and strategies for trip planning, gear selection, and shooting [...]

John Romie: A Stroll Through the Trees

Dates: February 9, 2022 – March 5, 2022

Living in California, with its diverse landscapes and environments, provides endless opportunities for enjoying landscape and nature photography.  For John Romie, a hike with his camera in the hills near [...]

Andrew Greenhill: The Solitude of Winter

Dates: February 9, 2022 – March 5, 2022

A photograph is an artifact of a moment as well as a metaphor. It is a symbol of something that is real as well as expressive. The metaphor in this exhibit [...]

Rodney Thompson: Sacred Places

Dates: February 9, 2022 – March 5, 2022

Rodney Thompson lives in the eastern Sierra, a sacred place where he finds solace and rejuvenation, immersed in the natural beauty of the area. He spends his time hiking along [...]

Introduction to Studio Lighting and Posing with John Hernandez

Date: February 5, 2022

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to create evocative portraits using only one artificial light source and basic posing techniques. Techniques will be demonstrated by instructor John Hernandez [...]


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