John Romie: A Stroll Through the Trees

Living in California, with its diverse landscapes and environments, provides endless opportunities for enjoying landscape and nature photography.  For John Romie, a hike with his camera in the hills near his home, or during travels throughout the state, are favored adventures.

Like his career choice, John’s interest in photography stems much from his love of the outdoors.  While he enjoys several genres of photography, he gains the greatest satisfaction from capturing landscapes – particularly natural landscapes: landforms, trees and vegetation, and the interaction of water with the land.  While accurately recording his encounters during walks in the wilderness or travels far and wide is an important aspect of his work, John prefers monochrome methods as a means of adding his own emotion and artistic flair via texture, tone, and composition.  The use of panoramic, infrared, and stereo techniques further enhances his ability to portray his own vision of the landscape.

From the day he purchased his first “real” camera in high school, John took particular interest in trees, favoring their dendritic nature; the way their form is altered by topography, sun angle, and climate; and the naturally artistic ways they interact with their neighbors. With “A Stroll Through the Trees”, he uses visible and infrared light images, in both standard and panoramic monochrome formats, to share his encounters with trees, and to express his own vision of their form and beauty.


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