Encaustics and Photography

Date: April 20, 2023

Encaustics in Photography Encaustic painting is beeswax-based paint consisting of beeswax, resin, and pigment. It is an incredibly flexible medium that can be combined with any number of other mediums [...]

Kelsi Martin: Literature, Twisted

Dates: June 7, 2023 – July 1, 2023

Kelsi Martin is drawn to written stories that create intense imagery in the reader’s mind. She combined her interests in reading and photography to develop a series of images based [...]

David Best: The Road Less Taken

Dates: June 7, 2023 – July 1, 2023

An Exhibition In Four Part Harmony This exhibit highlights four projects that David Best created over several decades. Requiem to Ansel’s Tree refers to a noble oak tree that Ansel [...]


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