Using Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to Take Your Images Beyond the Ordinary


Ansel Adams used to say, “the negative is the score, and print is the performance.” In today’s digital world, the raw file is the score, and your post-processing is the performance. As a creative artist, you have the power to make your images as dynamic and compelling as you want. Learn how to use the tools found in both Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom to turn your score into a performance that will dazzle your audiences! Learn how to use these tools to accentuate the stars in your pictures and control your images' lighting.  Lewis will demonstrate his “flipping the light” technique to make your subject the strongest visual element in your pictures.  Learn how to get the most out of the masking tools, Select Sky, Select Subject, Select Background, Select Color Range, and Select Luminance Range, and how to Invert and Intersect Masks and use Point color to gain full control of your images.

Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary with these tips and techniques.