Two-Part In-Depth Food Photography Workshop

Eggs Benedict paired with Salmon image

Well established photographer Farrell Scott will take students through a two-part course that focuses on the process of capturing professionally styled photographs of food settings. This workshop is designed to give interested photographers an idea of what it is like to stage food with props and the process involved in capturing great images.

Day One: The Planning Process

      • Develop your concepts
      • Set the mood
      • Develop a storyboard
      • Create food staging ideas

Day Two: Shooting Food Staging Stations

      • In this part of the workshop, attendees will bring their concepts to life with three different food staging stations. There will be props, fabrics, dishes, utensils, containers, and food available for you to use and stage the perfect setting for your food photography images.

On the first day, you will only need material to take notes. On the second day, Sunday, please bring the following:

      • camera
      • tripod
      • remote shutter release, or you can do a time release
      • lens recommendation between 70mm and 110mm
      • laptop with your photo editing software loaded
      • card reader
      • flash drive

You’ll have time to work on your images using the editing program of your choice. The flash drive will be used to save images you wish to share with the classroom to be projected from the instructor’s computer.