Unlocking Creativity in Mobile Phone Photography

Much more than a toy, smartphones offer a whole new way of seeing photographically. This workshop will begin by helping you learn the basics of smartphone photography, navigating your phone, and learning about some of the “apps” that are available to help expand your creative process. An overview of special tripods and lenses options will also be explored. In the final part of the workshop, everyone will go outside to take a few images and compare the results. Lastly, the workshop will offer information on printing your images and enlarging them using new computer software. You may wish to be ready to purchase a few suggested Apps (cellphone applications) when you’re at the workshop so you’ll leave with new options and information.

A Few Key Topics:

  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of camera phones
  • Composition strengths and limitations
  • Fine-tuning exposure
  • Panoramic stitching from multiple source images
  • Compositing and masking
  • Adding “special effects”, creative filters, and textures