Less is More…The Notion that Simplicity and Clarity Lead to Good Design

By embracing simplicity, photographers can focus on the essential elements of a scene and eliminate any
distractions that may detract from the main subject or message. This can be achieved through careful composition, minimalistic backgrounds, and clean lines. Removing unnecessary elements from the frame allows the viewer’s attention to be drawn directly to the subject, enhancing the visual impact and conveying the intended message more effectively.

Clarity in photography refers to the clear and concise communication of the intended subject or idea. It involves presenting the subject in a way that is easily understandable and devoid of ambiguity. By eliminating unnecessary visual clutter, the viewer can better appreciate the subject and the intended story or emotion behind the photograph. Clarity emphasizes the importance of intentionality and ensuring that every element in the frame serves a purpose.

Through words and pictures, this workshop will focus on topics such as the separation of elements, gesture in composition, visual connections, negative space, aspect ratios, multilayering of elements, post-processing, and more. You will learn methods to create powerful and visually engaging images that leave a lasting impact on the viewer.