San Francisco Street Photography with John Hernandez

A day of guided street shooting in the city of San Francisco!

Participants will meet at the Vallejo Ferry Building at 8:30 am, to purchase their tickets for the 9:20 am ferry to San Francisco. While waiting for departure, and during the 60-minute ferry ride, John will review the basics of street photography and answer any participant questions. He will discuss how to increase your chances of “getting the shot”, and lead a conversation about finding your artistic voice/style. Upon arrival, John will demonstrate street photography at the Embarcadero, and then smaller groups will form to explore locations like Chinatown and Pier 39.

The larger group will gather again for lunch, discussion, and questions; before John gives assignments to help develop your craft. Towards the end of the afternoon, the group will meet near the Embarcadero for peer review, including the opportunity for each attendee to present two favorite images.

After participants purchase their tickets for the 5:10 pm departure to Vallejo, and during the 60-minute ferry ride; John will continue the review of Participants’ images, and answer questions about their experiences. Information on Vallejo-San Francisco Ferry:

This Workshop is limited to a maximum of 8-participants.