Richard Halliburton: Canyon Country

Canyon Country encompasses much of southern Utah and northern Arizona, with smaller Colorado and New Mexico areas. Its unique geology, biology, and cultural history are preserved in places like the Grand Canyon and Arches national parks and numerous smaller parks and preserves. It is home to invertebrates that have evolved unique life cycles, such as fairy shrimp, and endemic (found nowhere else) plants like the Canyonlands Biscuitroot. The area is beautiful and a very popular tourist destination.

There are millions of color photographs of the region, some quite beautiful and unique. However, in his own photography, Richard has taken a different approach. By removing color, he believes that black and white photographs allow one to appreciate better the unusual structures and textures of the geological and biological features. Small details become apparent, and consistent patterns emerge. He hopes viewers will come away with a new appreciation of the region’s character.

These photographs are chosen from hundreds, taken over many years. Cameras include 35mm film cameras, several digital cameras, and two 4×5 view cameras.