Professional Monitor Calibration Demonstration with Eric Joseph

A properly calibrated monitor will add a level of accuracy to your post-production process, helping you achieve a more accurate and desirable outcome for your printing projects. If what you see on the monitor does not match what the camera captured, the prints made from these files will never look quite as you had envisioned them. This is why Eric Joseph with Freestyle provides a one-hour Zoom workshop with helpful tips and solutions.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Why are my prints coming out too dark?” The second most common question is, “Why don’t my prints look anything like what is on my monitor? While there can be quite a number of causes for these problems, the most common solution is to choose the right type of monitor to edit your still images for printing and to calibrate that monitor so that what you see is what is very close to what you will get in when you print comes out of the printer. These two things will help you achieve predictable, reliable, controllable, and repeatable results in printing while cutting down on wasted time, paper, and ink.

Using a BenQ SW272U 27-inch monitor and Calibrite Display Plus HL monitor calibration device, Eric Joseph will demonstrate how to calibrate a monitor for editing still images for printing properly.

Recommended for photographers at all levels.


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