Customized Drone Adventure on Location with David Wong


David WongUp to 2 people
9 a.m. to 2 p.m., including picnic lunch
One year to schedule a convenient date

No experience is needed for this adventure—beginner and intermediate drone experience will be accommodated by David. He will tailor the presentation and flying/photography based on your interest and skill level. If you have your own drones, you may bring them as well.

The Adventure:
Join David Wong, a commercially licensed drone pilot, as he demonstrates drone flying in a beautiful location in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Throughout the adventure, you will have flying time learning the ins and outs of controlling a drone, how to fly safely, avoid obstacles, and use manual controls and automated programming for typical drone moves. You will also explore the camera settings for the best still and video images. If you are a more experienced pilot looking for specific instruction, you can arrange this with David in advance of the adventure, so you have a custom experience.



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This adventure begins in the morning on location, where David will review the particulars of drone flying and photographing as well as rules, regulations and licensing requirements. Following the general introduction or a more advanced review, David will take you flying if preferred! The day will be presented in three parts: morning basic instruction and flight, picnic lunch, which will be provided for you, and more advanced flying and photography skills to get the most dynamic footage. You’ll close the day with a review and conversation with David. Following this day-long instruction, you will be ready to take on new challenges with your own drone or explore the drone market to see what you may want to purchase.


David Wong has been a licensed private pilot since 1968 and has flown many single-engine aircraft, from the Cessna 195 to his own Piper Cherokee aircraft. His love of flying and photography merged as an assistant co-pilot and photographer to a portrait photographer that crisscrossed the country doing portraiture photography for the Rockefellers and other well-known families.  He once again merged his flying and photography interests when he bought his first drone several years ago as an entrée to drone photography. Today David flies as a licensed part 107 commercial drone pilot with one of the latest DJI drones, the Mavic 3. David has now integrated drone photography and video as a tool in his arsenal for his clients and photography.

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