NFTs For Fine Art Photographers: What They Are and How They Work

Workshop attendees will learn the basics of the NFT, history of the movement as well as future projections. Learn some of the basic tools you will need as a creator in this blossoming industry with an artist who is working tirelessly within the NFT community to build a future for all artists in the continuously evolving blockchain ecosystem. 

Workshop attendees will receive timely online resources and useful tips will be shared in this half-day presentation. 

Juliet Haas: As an artist immersed in the NFT photography community since the early March 2021 ClubHouse days of NFTtips, Juliet’s first-hand experience in the trenches with fellow artists, collectors, developers, security and business professionals, and curious enthusiasts from all over the world and every genre and socio-economic background, gives her a unique perspective to present a practical point of entry to build a solid foundation and join this thriving cultural movement.


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