Lightroom Classic: Utilizing the Develop Module to Optimize Your Creativity

This workshop is for anyone wanting to know more about utilizing Raw capture in the field to maximize what you can create in the Develop Module.

Highlights include:

  • We will open with a discussion on optimizing your Raw capture in the field to get the most from the Develop Module.
  • Learn how to create a preset that represents true RAW for your photos, followed by a discussion of why Lightroom Classic’s presets are not true RAW.
  • The Basic Panel:  Starting with very broad brush strokes, Kirk will discuss his technique for getting good color temperature and tint, as well as exposure, highlights, and shadows.

Sunburst, Simmons Peak, Yosemite

Why Kirk recommends a ‘light touch’ using the Presence sliders…except for clarity?

  • How to use the healing brush tool to take out dust spots
  • Sitting with the image and considering cropping [The crop tool]
  • Playing with the Color Mixer Panel (previously known as the HSL panel):  Kirk will tell you why he uses this panel for both color and black and white.  Dialing in your color’s saturation, hue, and density (luminosity)!
  • Here’s a brief look at the remaining panels and how to consider using or not using them based on the image.

Using Color Grading to simulate certain black-and-white styles, such as Platinum Palladium

  • Being at play with your image:  unlocking all the features of the Masking tool
  • Creating output files according to your needs (social media, printing, etc.)