Les Allert: Steam Locomotion

In this exhibition, Iron Horse, Les Allert presents images featuring two of his passions, historic places, and things and historical methods of photographic printing.  His portfolio includes images taken with 35 mm, large format, and digital cameras taken in New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, California, and Alaska. He uses primarily platinum printing for this exhibit.

This alternative process provides a richer tonal range, added warmth and detail, and greater archival life to his photographs. He will utilize Gum over Platinum and Platinum over Pigment when the use of color enhances the photograph.In the history of transportation, steam power locomotives replaced the use of animals for power. Thus, the term, Iron Horse, was coined. Eventually, during the 1940s, these engines were replaced by diesel-electric engines. Today steam locomotives have largely disappeared and are found primarily in museums and small scenic rail lines such as the Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark in Ely, Nevada. Mr. Allert has been taking photographs of steam locomotives and riding scenic railroads since 1990.

Iron Horse represents Les Allert’s interest in preserving the era of steam locomotion using the historic equipment and processes of the time. He hopes you enjoy sharing his passion for both transportation history and early photographic processes.