Kathy Triolo: Favorite Fairytales: After Happily Ever After

Did you grow up reading Fairy Tales or have them read to you? Have you ever wondered what happened to all those Fairytale Characters after the story ended?  Where did your imagination take you?

This show is a natural extension of Kathy Triolo’s “wondering” about those characters and what they’d be like today. The images start with portraits she has taken with the canvas in mind. Kathy then works with the photos digitally and breaths new life into the iconic fairytale characters.  There is a story for each one, and she hopes you can imagine it and even come up with your own ideas.

This project started at the pandemic’s beginning and crystalized as Kathy continued working on her vision.  As insane as the idea sounds, it helped her keep her sanity during a very crazy time in the world.

Kathy hopes that these images inspire you to follow the threads of your imagination and expand on the possibilities you create.


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