Jeff Armstrong: Cosmos in the Chaos

In this visually arresting portrait exhibit by emerging photographic artist Jeff Armstrong, we see how the tools of Photoshop may be used to bring a vision or a concept of reality to life. Jeff spent many hours refining his artistic technique, watching it evolve as he worked with each image to create the collection in the exhibit. The images also speak to how Jeff sees the world and his interpretation of what surrounds us and how we might perceive another reality. “What these pictures do is peel away some of the masks we all wear daily to reveal what might possibly lie just below the surface. The complexity of modern life forces us to wear many masks, switching for different groups and various situations, the work mask, the family mask, and the friend mask. We all have pain and disappointment that we don’t really want the world to see, this project attempts to pull back that mask.” Jeff Armstrong

Jeff considers some very interesting concepts as he creates his portrait images, allowing the person and the art to take him in different directions. He’s not certain if these pictures are the essence of an entropic state or if they are rather a reflection of what’s to come, mostly, he just enjoys seeing how much of the person he can retain in the reconstructing process.


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