Inspiring Creativity in your Photography with Jim Wilson

Love taking photos?  Like sharing images with others?  Are you intrigued with the idea of trying something photographically new?  Join us in “Inspiring Creativity in Your Photography” as we engage in activities to awaken your creativity and discuss the process of making photographs.  In addition to communicating the image’s subject, your photographs can speak about you as well; let’s talk about making photos!

Illustrated abundantly with images and examples, we’ll discuss the ideas and applications of creativity as applied to the art of photography. Together, we will explore how your perceptions and perspectives develop into your unique “photographic style.”  We’ll consider common ways that your creativity can be blocked – or encouraged – influencing our motivation and artistic growth.  The images we wished were better and those we are happy with can guide us toward improvement and future changes. Finally, we will investigate the photographic works of various photographers and the creative inspirations that may have led to the making of their famous photographic images. 

The workshop will include:

  • Creativity and problem-solving tools and their value to the photographic endeavor.
  • How our photographic uniqueness results in who we are today.
  • Learning which properties when making new photos “speak to you” and inspire your interest and creativity.
  • Understanding how the classic blocks to creativity can limit your photographic progress or can be transformed into a source of encouragement.
  • Explore how the creative inspiration of other famous photographers and their iconic images can teach and challenge us to make great photographs.

During the workshop, we’ll enjoy fun activities to engage your creativity, stimulate your imagination, and improve your voice overall.  As we close, we can look at additional learning opportunities you might enjoy.