Exploring the World Beyond Visible Light: An Infrared/Full Spectrum Photography Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn about the world of infrared/full spectrum color in photography and how you can incorporate it into your photographic work.

Some of the highlights of this workshop include:

    • infrared/full spectrum camera options
    • infrared/full spectrum filter options
    • options for equipment and subject matter
    • introduced to raw infrared image processing from capture to final image creation

The advent of advanced digital imaging tools has expanded photographers’ ability to explore more significant portions of the electromagnetic spectrum visually. Photographers and artists are experimenting with photographing subjects beyond human sight, recording scenes in “false colors” not grounded in human perception. In most cases, photographers use traditional digital cameras, modified by removing the UV and infrared filters from the sensors and using external infrared filters mounted on their lenses. The unusual and unpredictable colors achieved through these experiments are fascinating and allow photographers to venture into the exciting visual world beyond visible light.


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