Gordon Reynolds: Under the I-5 Overpass

These photographs were taken a week apart on two days in January 2015. He has been to the Discovery Park area many times before and since, usually during the fall and winter months. On these two occasions, the American River was low and flat, with barely a ripple on the water, making a fine reflective surface. He felt like he was walking among finely preserved monuments from the past. These pillars are hulking things, and he wanted to capture a sense of serene, ageless grandeur.

Typically, Gordon does not preplan his photographs or work on projects, though he has several series that are constantly expanding. Mainly, he relies on luck, and a good bit of walking around. The subjects that interest him most are things from the man-made world, especially those that seem odd, mysterious, and/or timeless. While he has come to enjoy making photographs in the landscape it’s really the urban setting he most likes to explore.