Crafting an Exquisite Fine Art Photography Book: From Planning to Printing

There is more to creating a photography book than inserting photos into a template.  Learn from graphic designer and accomplished photographer, Farrell Scott, on the workflow and considerations needed to make a truly fine art photography book worthy of the title.

The workshop will cover:

Before You Start – What’s the End Game?

  • Research & Discovery
  • Local or Online Printer

The Planning Stage

  • Looking for Inspiration
  • Outline Your Concept
  • Image Flow and Steps to Self-Editing

The Design (Demo in Lightroom)

  • How to assess book size, cover style & paper type
  • Consider – fonts, backgrounds, color
  • Complete the Package – title, spine, inside cover, back cover

Going to Print

  • Proofing
  • File Ready
  • Color/Press Check