Fine Art Digital Print Making with Eric Joseph

This workshop updates the presentation Eric Joseph offered last year at Viewpoint. He’ll introduce a few new products from Hahnemühle, review Awagami Japanese Washi paper, and discuss many other types of paper and the printing process.

NEW: Eric will be printing on Viewpoint’s new Canon GP 2000 large format printer, and executive director Roberta McClellan will provide an overview of the new print program being offered in 2024.

This half-day workshop will focus on the papers and the printing process, providing a comprehensive overview of the steps to consider when setting yourself up for success in making perfect inkjet prints. Printing samples will be provided from Viewpoint’s new Canon printer on special papers as an introduction to the new program, and  individual prints will be part of this half-day workshop.

Topics covered include:

  • Recommendation on choosing the right monitor for editing still images for printing
  • Calibrating your Monitor and why it is important
  • Choosing a paper that matches your unique artistic signature
  • How to select the right printer for your needs
  • The importance of using custom printer/paper profiles
  • Discussion of and recommendations for the quality of lighting conditions when viewing and evaluating your photographs


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