Diana & Larry Coleman: Lines, Curves and Shapes

Diana and Larry Coleman are local Sacramento photographic artists who enjoy bringing into view their interpretation of the everyday elements around them.  Their subjects include nature, architecture, and environmental details. They photograph without a preconceived plan.  Instead, they capture what draws their eyes and sparks their emotions as a base for further image development. Although they each see different photographic possibilities in the same space, the Colemans see lines, curves, shadows, shapes, and reflections as elements of interest to form the basis for their images. 

“Lines, Curves and Shapes” draws upon the Colemans’ interest in exploring the graphic content of the elements around them.  The images selected for this exhibit are from a larger series of images created over recent years.  

Diana and Larry use the digital darkroom to express their unique takes on a subject that spans from a realistic interpretation to abstraction.  The source of some images may be easily identified, while others may cause the viewer to question where or what.