David Goldberg: Truth

This project is a meditation on photographic & philosophical truth. It began when I examined a wall mural in downtown San Francisco. Some of the thoughts it led to were:

  • How close to or far from truth a visual work of art can be (or even if there is such a relationship).
  • More basically, how can one convert a philosophical perception into a work of visual art?
  • The relationship (the dance, if you will) between what the photographer has in mind & what the camera chooses to produce.
  • How can documentary material be presented in the context of contemporary visual art?
  • How can an artist, or, for that matter, anyone else, be authentic in a “post-truth” society?

I’m attacking these questions as best I can though a couple of mediums: an essay & video as well as still images. This is all very philosophical but it has to be wrestled down to accessible images. I’m wrestling.