Dan Herrera: The Wave is Not the Water

This recent body of work further explores Dan’s interest in using hand-mixed emulsions to allow for unique gestural effects — drawing connections between processes and narrative. The impetus of this project came from a need to (1) address darkroom production during the shelter-in-place orders of Covid-19 and (2) explore a more sustainable, socially responsible process that addresses the environmental implications of contemporary photographic practice.

This series utilizes many plant-based photography methods that are less harmful to the ecology of the Earth. Specifically: Lumens, using expired, fogged, or discarded photo paper that he has collected and saved over the years from previous students; Cyanotypes, which only need water to be developed; and hybrids of the aforementioned. By gathering locally sourced plant material from his garden and daily walks with his family, the imagery speaks to highlight the action of light, cameraless gardenscapes, and ephemeral characteristics of natural phenomena — with each photograph physically made using nature herself.