Seeing in Black & White: Color Theory for Photographers with Farrell Scott

© Farrell Scott | Sailboat from Alcatraz

Unlock the power of black-and-white photography through a deep dive into color theory! In this immersive workshop, we will explore the fascinating world of monochrome imagery, providing photographers of all levels with the tools and insights needed to see in black and white.

Workshop Highlights:

Understanding Color Relationships: Delve into the fundamentals of color theory and learn how different hues interact with one another. Discover how this knowledge can be applied to enhance the tonal range and contrast in your black-and-white images.

Emotional Impact of Monochrome: Understand how black and white photography has the unique ability to evoke powerful emotions and convey a timeless quality. Explore examples from iconic photographers who have mastered this art form.

Practical Shooting Exercises: Put theory into practice through hands-on shooting exercises.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have a deeper understanding of color theory and how it relates to creating not only color but black and white images. Whether you're a novice or an experienced photographer, this workshop will elevate your skills and help you see the world through a new, artistic lens.

Note: Bring your own DSLR, Mirrorless camera, or Smartphone.