Brita d’Agostino: Same Rituals, New Spells

This exhibition features the work of Brita d’Agostino whose process involves both transforming and recontextualizing photographic imagery to explore the aesthetics of visual culture, as well as personal and feminist concerns. The scale of the work Brita presents is striking. The compositions are bright and edgy with colors and shape all working to generate a sense of energy and outreach.

The works in this exhibition incorporate photographic imagery d’Agostino appropriates including images sourced from advertising and print publications, as well as the internet. She also incorporates images from her own personal photographic archive. This show presents pieces from two bodies of work, one of which focuses particularly on the act of cultural consumption through re-imagining print media targeted toward women. In the other body of work, d’Agostino remixes both found photographic elements from commercial media publications with her own processed photos creating layered, digitally manipulated compositions. Through her process, d’Agostino is deconstructing and recombining surfaces, subverting the original meaning of the images, and creating new combinations and unique forms through her own aesthetic investigations.