Avoiding Photographic Chaos; Managing Your Photos

Let’s face it: making photographs is more fun than managing images. Yet, your photos are valuable in dollars, time, and energy invested.  Consider attending this workshop a valuable investment in saving time and avoiding future anguish. Organizing your work so you can find it easily is just lovely.

Everyone has a need and perhaps a method of managing their images. We will investigate methods and practices that could work well for you. We’ll discuss methods (options) for scanning images, storing, sorting (culling), labeling (keywords), rating, cataloging, and, overall, organizing your images. When needed, quickly finding a specific image is very gratifying and makes your previous efforts worthwhile. It increases the value of your image resources.

The use of Adobe’s “Lightroom Classic” software will be emphasized; however, the techniques we discuss can also be applied using several other applications, such as “Photo Mechanic Plus” and Apple’s “Photos” software. You can achieve “authority” over your image library.